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Sirobe Carstafhnur — Refugee Designer

Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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The Ironic Happiness of Unemployment: Inspiration in Scarcity

By far the greatest financial crisis, globally, ever – including the 1930s Great Depression[1] is the last thing anyone wanted to hear as the description of today’s credit crunch. The majority of ears that the news struck the sharpest were those in the building industry. As a profession that is sustained by lines of credit, [...]


In spirit of the season, some oldies but goodies! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas and a Designer New Year! http://www.dezeen.com/2007/12/20/designer-christmas-cards/ Image Source: Jill Dryer – where to purchase [via] Poppytalk

The Suburban Paradox

In the winter of 2008, I was in my final year of graduate school in urban planning and policy design.  In hopes of having work lined up post-graduation, I began to search for openings in the field of urban planning.  I noticed a trend in the planner positions that were available; they were all in [...]

The One and Only… still proving that she’s more than a Woman

In an experiment aimed to prove a particular hypothesis, I asked a group of random architectural designers, interior designers, and urban planners to jot down the first thing that came to mind when a few of today’s starchitects were mentioned.  The results (as honestly as they were delivered) were as follows: Sir Norman Foster The Gherkin, [...]