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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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Designer Tip – Google Voice

For all of you designers out there, this is a tip to keep you connected and maintain your boundaries with clients and friends. OK before I start, you should have a GMail account. Moving on… Google Voice is a service provided by Google and it is FREE! Who doesn’t love something free. Anyways, the basic [...]

Save Some Money And Go Out!

I have know about Groupon for a couple of months now and it is simply awesome! Here is a viedo on how Groupon works! It is pretty simple. Groupon finds great deals and posts them each day You purchase at a savings You only have to pay if enough people buy Enjoy great savings Repeat… [...]

5 Steps to a Design Company

“Unless you Own the Company, Your Job is Not Safe” Like many people, I found this out the hard way. The economy went down and business decisions has to be made. So, new opportunities have become available to many people. Below are the steps to creating a design company: Make Your Company Name – Make [...]

Freedom By Design

Freedom by Design is a advocacy and service program created by the American Institute of Architecture Students. This program was set up to help inviduals that feel confined to their homes. “They are unable to get into their showers, ascend steps, open doors or pass through doorways. More importantly, many are unable to flee their [...]

Free Software and Discounted Training

Yes, we said free software and discounted training for the designers and engineers that have been laid off. Autodesk has setup an assistance program that will allow you to create an account and download up to 17 Autodesk products with a student license. The training they offer comes in two forms. Free online training that [...]

Making You Cash or Hurting Designers…

99 Designs and Elance are both websites that allow professional and amateur designers to create designs that compete against each other either for a set prize amount or lowest bid respectively. There is a debate going around in the design industry of whether these websites are detrimental to the industry or should they even exist. [...]

President Obama Speaks About Education

Tomorrow President Obama will speak to the children of America and deliver the speech below. The following speech is also applicable to adults during these tough economic times. The President: Hello everyone – how’s everybody doing today? I’m here with students at Wakefield High School in Arlington, Virginia. And we’ve got students tuning in from [...]

Architecture School Closes in Costa Rica

The architecture school, Universidad del Diseño (UniDis), after almost 16 years has decided to close was reported yesterday in the Architectural Record. The contributing factors to its closing are the increase in competition that went from 2 schools in 1993 to a dozen today many of which charge less tuition and have less intense programs. [...]