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Monday, December 18th, 2017

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Engineering Your Environment: Examples of Sustainable Housing in Rural Alabama

In a rural town in northeast Alabama, four families live in four very interesting homes.  Twice yearly these families kindly open their doors to visitors from across the nation, in hopes of inspiring personal responsibility and teaching people about sustainable living.  The 3-hour walking tour includes a dodeca-yurt, an underground home, a strawbale house, and a homemade house [...]

Sears Helps You Go Green

The car industry started to rebound with the “Cash for Clunkers” program encouraging buyers to trade in their old and inefficient cars for newer fuel efficient models.  Sears is piggy-backing on the idea and a similar program knows as “Cash for Appliance” rebate program has been implemented by the federal government for energy efficient appliances. Sears [...]

Bloom Box – Energy of the Future?

If you haven’t heard about a Bloom Box, it may be the future of energy generation and can get your home off the grid. The Bloom Box is brought to you by Bloom Energy. Bloom energy was featured on 60 Minutes last night talking about their revolutionary new product. This is the interview done on CBS last [...]

The Future of Drywall!

What if the drywall you put in your spaces was more than just a smooth surface to be painted or hang a picture on? Imagine if the walls served another purpose of regulating the buildings temperature. Well the future is almost here. ThermalCORE! Thermal Core is a National Gypsum product using BASF phase change technology. [...]

Save Water Bricks

The concept behind Save Water Bricks is pretty cool. They want to use the waste leaves and waste plastics that are thrown away each year, to create bricks that absorb and channel water. The designers Jin-Young Yoon and Jeongwoong Kwon from Korea, realized in their country that some 20tons of leaves are burned each year releasing [...]

What If Your Roof Could Change Colors?

What if your roof could change colors? Was the question that a team of engineers at MIT asked themselves and created Thermeleon. The idea behind this product is that most homes have black shingle roofs and in the summer it is absorbing heat and increasing your cooling bill but that is slightly offset in the [...]

The Second Tallest Building in the World

The Lotte Super Tower will become the world’s second tallest building when it is completed in 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. Lotte Tower, which will be the the head quarters for the Lotte Group, will stand an amazing 1,821 feet tall, that is more than a third of a mile. The project designed by Kohn [...]

Traffic Lights Go Green!

There are have been great strides in making the the world more green and here goes another one. The solar powered traffic light designed by Cheng-Tsung Feng, Yao-Chieh Lin  and Bo-Jin Wang, who won the 2009 Lite-On Award (Silver Level). This new and innovative traffic light is an attempt to make the infrastructure of the [...]

Architects Can Pleat Too!

Do you know how the Sydney Opera House is an iconic and international travel destination? Well here comes the next big urban icon. The Taichung Convention Center in Taichung City, Taiwan, <– link to Google Maps. The convention center was designed by Beijing based MAD Architects. MAD architects is a young firm made up of [...]

How can breakfast become clothes?

Who would think that you could turn your breakfast into clothes? Maybe you but not me. And at the end of NY fashion week with a late breakfast, these two ideas collided. To make it even better, lets throw in some sustainability. Many may think sustainability, fashion and breakfast have nothing more in common than [...]