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iPad: The Future or Waste of Money — Complete The Circuit

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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iPad: The Future or Waste of Money

Like many people I like Apple and I am a fan of many things they that they do. I have a iPod Touch and an iMac. So, I am not a Apple hater. Now that I am done with my disclaimer. I will begin my critic of the iPad. If you have no idea what the iPad is on Apple’s site they have the keynote presentation to tell about it here.

The Future:

  • Help save the dying newspaper and magazine industry (Maybe)
  • Inventive idea – to create something between an iPod and Laptop
  • Priced within reach
  • New functionality – iWork (word documents, spreadsheets, and presentation software)
  • iPhone Tech – has all the great features and functions of the iPhone
  • Wifi +3G capable – depends on the version you buy
  • Get for students – with iWork and compact design

Waste of Money:

  • No Camera, The whole point of having a device like this is to connect with people without having a laptop. It would have been great to be able to video chat on this device.
  • No e-ink – Granted they did not want to use an eink screen but trying to read a book on this device will fatigue your eyes just like a computer.
  • NO FLASH!!!!! WTF!!! Really Apple! I think everyone could understand on the iPhone and the Touch but on this device that is supposed to put the internet in your hands is unacceptable.
  • Uninspired design – It is a giant iPod touch, at least change the button in it.
  • Horrendous name – Really iPad. Whoever working at Apple that said, “Just change the ‘O’ to an ‘A’!” should be labeled the village idiot and have rotten tomatoes thrown at him.
  • 3G scam – Unlike the e-readers out there that come with a data plan included, the iPad offers two plans $15 for barely any data (250 MB)  and $30 for unlimited. Both plans are through AT&T. This is just ridiculous, think about it if you have an iPhone with a data plan it is unlikely that you will be on both your iPhone internet and your iPad net. They need to make a bundle plan or allow tethering to your iPhone.

OK, basically I am seriously unimpressed by the iPad. I do like some of the new functionality but I wouldn’t buy one till they come out with the next generation. Maybe the next one will have a camera on the front and a different design.

What do you think about the new iPad?

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  1. Logan says:

    The ipad is some pooooooooooooooooooooop!!!!!! and some eurine

  2. Logan says:

    Who gave my iphone the steroids?

  3. bill says:

    This device looks like a huge waste of money. It also looks basically useless, another one of those “consumer gadgets” that I don’t care much for at all. I like reading about technology and have some interest in math, computer hardware, electronics, but the whole “consumer gadget” industry doesn’t appeal to me very much at all. Maybe I’m just lumping all consumer technology together with mp3 players and net books, but it just seems like most of it is a colossal waste of time and money. I guess the same thing could be said for video games (PC and game consoles) and movies, which I enjoy. The fact that I don’t really care much for music probably contributes too, I don’t mind going for days without hearing music. In fact, it is common for the radio in my car to be completely turned off.

    I am more interested in the productive good that technology does for society, like medicine saving people’s lives or people being able to work from home. Cell phones, the internet, etc. are all great for the distribution of knowledge and the facilitation of communication. I only use my cell phone to call my friends (or send text messages to them) every now and then, but I feel it is useful enough to be something I wouldn’t consider cutting out of my budget. A cheaper, bare bones model, yes, but I don’t see myself going back to now non-existent payphones and landlines.

    Of course, these productive technologies don’t really get popular until they are “consumerized” it seems, (these “productive technologies” seem to play second fiddle in society’s collective consciousness because they are seen as “work” things) but if the consumer tech industry helps to drive those advances I can’t discredit the industry entirely.

    Although I’m in a computer related bachelor’s program at a university, I’m not particularly keen of working/developing this type of technology either, as I feel the development part of it is rather boring. So, I guess like many people, I think technology is great (although, like everything, it does have some downsides, see pollution) but I’m not terribly interested in the scientific and/or technical side of it. I don’t want to appear to be anti-technology, because in reality I am far from it, but I remain borderline apathetic about most consumer technology.

  4. bill says:

    I can’t say I am completely apathetic because video games and articles on the internet are the things that I spend most of my free time on. The rest is spent relaxing and playing the occasional rec sport.

  5. Kai573 says:

    i mean the iPad should have all the features of the iMac when its just iPod Touch + Mario mushroom = iPad

  6. TripleAce says:

    Apple did some job with marketing the ‘i’ products. they seemed to literally brainwashed people into believing that this is the future and a way of life. does anyone really need all these apps and devices, overall do they really make anyone’s life easier? the answer of course is, no………..professionals are here to built a product and make us believe thats its the way to go.

    think about it. first apple builds an ipad that has wifi with 3g as an option and comes with 16g, 32 or 64. this to me is professional marketing at its best. he makes a product that cant even expand its memory or change its battery and people are still buying it. consumers hate that and they still buy it. consumers hate soo many things about the ipad and iphone but yet they still feel the need to buy it. second you have to pay for 3g. who the hell is going to pay for 3g and pay for their phone’s data plan. interestingly, everyone. another issue that everyone is aware of is the fact that the battery cannot be swaped or replaced unless its sent to apple. now does everyone really think thats was made to make the device smaller and provide a better battery life? i hope not because its all a business plan that in the end will profit apple.

    third, does everyone really think that they made a mistake and forgot to put a camera on the ipad? think again, that too is a marketing scheme that will indeed make them loads of money in the near future. look how many people bought this device without, and guess how many will buy it when it gets a camera soon.

    there billionairs for a reason and thats by alluring customers and creating a need for a device that is not really needed. so to sum up, if you want the ipad, your basically buying a netbook a quarter of its space. a internet/movie/picture/organizer device that only has a certain amount of space (once thats done there NOTHING you can do) and limited battery life with of course all the other cons that come with it for $500. oh yea and add all the other accessories and add on that may be charged to you.


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