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Bloom Box – Energy of the Future? — Complete The Circuit

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

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Bloom Box – Energy of the Future?

If you haven’t heard about a Bloom Box, it may be the future of energy generation and can get your home off the grid. The Bloom Box is brought to you by Bloom Energy. Bloom energy was featured on 60 Minutes last night talking about their revolutionary new product. This is the interview done on CBS last night.

I won’t rehash what is the video but think of some of the ramifications:

  • Each home making its own energy
  • No more power lines over head creating visual clutter
  • Reduced if not eliminated electric bills (would be replaced with much smaller fuel bill)

Bloom Energy will be making its public announcement tomorrow. Bloom Energy should be very well received especially since it has huge clients who have purchased and are testing it such as – eBay, Google, Staples, FedEx, and Walmart. If these mammoth companies are seeing savings and have not disposed of this tech then I think we should definitely take some notice.

The only dark side, I see coming out of this is that the price does not drop to the point where everyone has access, and the electric companies just integrate the technology into their systems and keep their prices the same. Thus the electric companies continue to make huge profits. Then again Google is now in the utilities business and Google has the motto of  ”don’t be evil.”

Some naysayers say it still uses hydrocarbons to run which is true but it will use considerably less and it can also use biofuels, processed algae biofuels, and methane gas from numerous sources. By any means if it reduces the amount of carbon produced it is a win for right now while other renewable technologies are improved.

UPDATE: February 26, 2010

Bloom Energy had their huge unveiling party earlier this week with great fan fair at Ebay. Here are some videos. The first is a Q&A with the CEO K.R. Sridhar and the second of the Bloom Boxes installed at Ebay.

Image Source:
CBS News


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  1. Hugh says:

    Bloom Energy’s Press Conference Today with pictures

  2. Romey Louangvilay says:

    interesting idea and lets see if it catches on.

  3. West says:

    This is a great concept!

  4. Adam says:

    This idea is great and will inevitably take off with corporate responsibility being chic. I’m hoping some pressure gets sent up the line…can we get Obama to order some for Washington? ;-)

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