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Sustainability — Complete The Circuit

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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Sears Helps You Go Green

The car industry started to rebound with the “Cash for Clunkers” program encouraging buyers to trade in their old and inefficient cars for newer fuel efficient models.  Sears is piggy-backing on the idea and a similar program knows as “Cash for Appliance” rebate program has been implemented by the federal government for energy efficient appliances. Sears is helping consumers better understand and access the $300 million available in rebates. The rebate gives you the chance to recycle your old, inefficient appliances and get cash back when you purchase ENERGY STAR-qualified appliances. So if you are planning on rehabbing, remodeling, or renewing your kitchen, laundry, or basement…the time is now. Many states will launch their rebates over the next few months; however, each program will differ state-to-state dollars available, qualifying appliances, recycling requirements, and a few other stipulations. Nevertheless this is definitely a way for homeowners to not only save money but to also help save the environment.

Sears is working closely with state and  local government officials to develop various consumer resources to help track the state-by-state programs. The Sears websiteincludes an interactive map that allows Americans to easily locate information about their state’s rebates. In addition, the Sears Blue Appliance Crew will gladly fill out the rebate forms for you before you ever leave the store! If you are anything like me once you get home rebate infomation somehow never seems to make it into the mail.

As part of the rebate program, the Department of Energy recommends all states to encourage recycling. States likes Florida offer additional rebates for recycling, while California requires it. Sears also offers anther great program called the Responsible Appliance Disposal (RAD) program. In fact, Sears is the first and only retailer that is certified by the EPA to participate in RAD program.

How the RAD program works?
For those of us who don’t know how to properly dispose of their old appliances…Sears is there to help! The Sears Haul Away Service (through RAD) will provide removal of the one old, inefficient appliance for each new appliance purchased and delivered.  Once the old appliance is removed, Sears and its partners ensure that the disposal process takes place in an environmentally friendly manner to avoid the discarding of appliances in landfills, which significantly reduces emissions of ozone depleting substances and greenhouse gases.

Go to the Sears website to check out the details of the Cash for Appliances rebate program or the Responsible Appliance Disposal program. If you are considering new appliances Sears my be your way to GO GREEN. Out with the old and in with the new. Save the planet and save dollars.

Bloom Box – Energy of the Future?

If you haven’t heard about a Bloom Box, it may be the future of energy generation and can get your home off the grid. The Bloom Box is brought to you by Bloom Energy. Bloom energy was featured on 60 Minutes last night talking about their revolutionary new product. This is the interview done on CBS last night.

I won’t rehash what is the video but think of some of the ramifications:

  • Each home making its own energy
  • No more power lines over head creating visual clutter
  • Reduced if not eliminated electric bills (would be replaced with much smaller fuel bill)

Bloom Energy will be making its public announcement tomorrow. Bloom Energy should be very well received especially since it has huge clients who have purchased and are testing it such as – eBay, Google, Staples, FedEx, and Walmart. If these mammoth companies are seeing savings and have not disposed of this tech then I think we should definitely take some notice.

The only dark side, I see coming out of this is that the price does not drop to the point where everyone has access, and the electric companies just integrate the technology into their systems and keep their prices the same. Thus the electric companies continue to make huge profits. Then again Google is now in the utilities business and Google has the motto of  ”don’t be evil.”

Some naysayers say it still uses hydrocarbons to run which is true but it will use considerably less and it can also use biofuels, processed algae biofuels, and methane gas from numerous sources. By any means if it reduces the amount of carbon produced it is a win for right now while other renewable technologies are improved.

UPDATE: February 26, 2010

Bloom Energy had their huge unveiling party earlier this week with great fan fair at Ebay. Here are some videos. The first is a Q&A with the CEO K.R. Sridhar and the second of the Bloom Boxes installed at Ebay.

Image Source:
CBS News