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Tablet — Complete The Circuit

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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Microsoft’s Courier Tablet

There is the iPad which was made for web surfers and Mac based users, and then there is the Microsoft Courier which is made for designers. I am sure you know my feelings about the iPad. Anyways, the Courier would have been the ideal companion for any designer – graphic, interior, apparel, architecture and web. The elegant and intuitive interface would be able to go head to head with the “magical” iPad.  The Courier would be able to use both touch and a stylus to input your design. Unfortunately, the Microsoft Execs have decided to not go ahead with the Courier project supposedly because they want to focus more on the unity of their brands – Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7. Hopefully, someone will pick up where Microsoft drop the ball. Maybe – Google and HTC?

Video 1

Video 2

What do you think about the Microsoft Courier? Would you get one if you could?

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iPad: The Future or Waste of Money

Like many people I like Apple and I am a fan of many things they that they do. I have a iPod Touch and an iMac. So, I am not a Apple hater. Now that I am done with my disclaimer. I will begin my critic of the iPad. If you have no idea what the iPad is on Apple’s site they have the keynote presentation to tell about it here.

The Future:

  • Help save the dying newspaper and magazine industry (Maybe)
  • Inventive idea – to create something between an iPod and Laptop
  • Priced within reach
  • New functionality – iWork (word documents, spreadsheets, and presentation software)
  • iPhone Tech – has all the great features and functions of the iPhone
  • Wifi +3G capable – depends on the version you buy
  • Get for students – with iWork and compact design

Waste of Money:

  • No Camera, The whole point of having a device like this is to connect with people without having a laptop. It would have been great to be able to video chat on this device.
  • No e-ink – Granted they did not want to use an eink screen but trying to read a book on this device will fatigue your eyes just like a computer.
  • NO FLASH!!!!! WTF!!! Really Apple! I think everyone could understand on the iPhone and the Touch but on this device that is supposed to put the internet in your hands is unacceptable.
  • Uninspired design – It is a giant iPod touch, at least change the button in it.
  • Horrendous name – Really iPad. Whoever working at Apple that said, “Just change the ‘O’ to an ‘A’!” should be labeled the village idiot and have rotten tomatoes thrown at him.
  • 3G scam – Unlike the e-readers out there that come with a data plan included, the iPad offers two plans $15 for barely any data (250 MB)  and $30 for unlimited. Both plans are through AT&T. This is just ridiculous, think about it if you have an iPhone with a data plan it is unlikely that you will be on both your iPhone internet and your iPad net. They need to make a bundle plan or allow tethering to your iPhone.

OK, basically I am seriously unimpressed by the iPad. I do like some of the new functionality but I wouldn’t buy one till they come out with the next generation. Maybe the next one will have a camera on the front and a different design.

What do you think about the new iPad?

Wacom’s New Bamboo Tablets


So, I am a bit late on this, but I am also a bit mad about it too. I bought the previous version of the Bamboo Fun about 6 to 7 months before the new Bamboo came out. The new Bamboo is HOT!!!!!! Mouse?!?! You don’t need no stinkin’ mouse!

OK. So, Wacom has once again stepped up the game with the new Bamboo. The new Bamboo pictured above has multi-touch capabilities. So all those cool things you can do on your iPhone you can do on your PC or Mac now. Some of the Gestures that you will be able to do are:

  • Scroll
  • Zoom
  • Rotate
  • Move backward
  • Move forward

Not only that, you also get a pen input. For those of you that have not used a Wacom tablet before they are off the chain. I have had mine for almost a year now and LOVE it, and I would upgrade but we are in a recession. Anyways back to this bad@** tablet. So with multi-touch and pen input, there is no need for a mouse. Making your desk a much tidier place and giving office pranksters one less thing to mess with.  The tablet also comes with four programmable buttons which are quite handy for those commands you use all the time like [ctrl+shift+alt+S] or editing commands.

The Bamboo Line comes in five versions:

The first and last one are practically the same. The only differences for $30 are the color silver instead of black, and scrapbooking/ craft software, tutorials and subscriptions with the craft version. So if you are looking to do scrapbooking, but you already have all the software you use and magazine subscriptions, I would save $30 but hey those tutorials may rock your world. Dunno? The Pen and Touch ones I think are pointless because they only have one function each and clearly now a days “We Want It All!” So, I would skip the nicely priced single function tablets. NOW! The Bamboo Fun, I think is the best of them all. It is bigger than all the other ones at 13.3″ x 8.8″. (All the other ones are the same size – 9.8″ x 6.9″) That is kinda weird, I know. Anyways, the Fun is better because you will have more active area to touch and use a the pen on. The touch and pen are better for mobile designer, but if you are a desk/ office designer then the fun the way to go.

Basically, the Bamboo Tablets in my humble opinion are a great buy for any designer. So buy it for yourself, a friend, relative or tell your boss to buy you one for work. Leave your thoughts about the new Bamboo tablets below.