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Terrance Brown — Cut On The Bias

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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Trendtracker for the Trendsetter

Are you a trendsetter who calls the shots? If you’re a Fashionista that keeps your finger on the pulse of the industry you need to check out the new Trendstop app Trendtracker. The London forecasting firm Trendstop now offers a free mobile app that delivers high-end fashion predictions to anyone. Traditionally, expert industry forecasts have only been available to paying professionals but now it’s at the touch of your fingers tips.  Tips at your tips! Trendtracker covers the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and inspirations direct to your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smart phone devices.  The app offers schedules and event guides to the latest shows around the world. Hopefully Carrie will be all over this one in the Sex & the City sequel. But who am I kidding? Carrie is more of a techno-tard this might be more Miranda’s or Samantha’s speed.

As we dive head first into this digital information and up-to-the-minute age the lines between novice and professionals become more and more blurred. Consumers today want to make their own choices as to what’s hot for fall. We don’t have to rely on the glossies to tell us what we like; we can choose for ourselves. What would really set this app off is if we could comment on the styles and trends we like and rag the trash. Ha. What would really be better is if it included a GPS tracker for the Fashion House Sample Sales! But seriously, this app is like none other. You get beautiful photos of your favorite designer’s collections form the end of the runway, and it’s all nicely categorized. Loves it! Check out the Trendtracker from Trendstop and let us know what you think….



Put on your Sunday best kids; we’re going to Sears!


Sears.com launched a newly created Ultimate Prom Experience website. The site includes everything from personality quizzes helping shoppers choose the perfect dress style to the Ultimate Prom Sweepstakes. Sears.com’s Ultimate Prom Experience is a complete online prom shopping and trend guide destination to help create the “ultimate prom experience”. It reminds me of the opening sequence of Clueless where Cher is choosing her outfit like paper dolls. Loves it! Check out the Sears Ultimate Prom Experience site, it helps prom goers with the following features:

  • Dress Styles – Sears has a vast selection of popular dress styles, including Dramatic Diva, Flirty Girl, Boho Beauty, Dreamy Romantic, Glam Goddess and Party  Star.
  • Find Out Your Prom Personality quiz – To help shoppers choose that special prom dress. Sears offers a fun quiz that matches your personality with one of the popular dress styles. Readers can post and share results on Facebook or tweet about the results with their followers.
  • Hair and Makeup Tips – At the click of a button to help readers find exactly what they need to create a once-in-a-lifetime picture-perfect prom night. You can use the hair and makeup tab for suggestions on how to wear the perfect look to match your dress.
  • Top 10 Prom Trends – For ladies who need a little extra help. Sears has the top 10 trends of  2010 to be on the lookout for this spring.

Additionally, Sears is offering one lucky teen and four of her friends the chance to win a complete prom package in the Ultimate Prom Sweepstakes. Details will be available on the Ultimate Prom Experience page starting on March 2 through March 31. So if you need a little extra help try the Sears site to put together your prom perfect look. Find out more by visiting www.sears.com/prom to speak with a Sears representative. Let us know what you think about the interactive site below…. 



The Great Loss of a Creative Mind

February 11, 2010, is a sad day for many in the fashion and design world.  For this is the day that the legendary and critically-acclaimed fashion designer Alexander McQueen was found dead in his home,  after allegedly taking his own life.  Fashion designers and  fashionphiles around the world are mourning the loss of one of the most creative and innovative designers of his generation.   His creations were critically acclaimed and could even be called masterpieces, while those not in-tune to fashion may have asked how in the world people could wear such things.  One example of that would be his “armadillo” heels, a 10-inch tall stiletto.

While his designs were loved by many fashion critics, he had yet to receive the greatest commercial success.  McQueen’s name has become more well-known over the last few years, nevertheless he traveled  a long road to get to where he was at the time of his untimely death.

Lee Alexander McQueen was born in London in 1969 to a taxi driver father and social science teacher mother as the youngest of six children.  Alexander started at a young age to design and make dresses for his sisters sparking a desire to become a fashion designer.  As a teen, he became an apprentice to Savile Row tailors, Anderson and Sheppard, and later worked with theatrical costumiers.  After a short time in Milan, Italy, McQueen returned to London and attended Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design where he received a Masters degree in Fashion Design.  It was around this time that he met a well-known British fashion stylist, Isabella Blow, and she persuaded McQueen to change his first name from Lee to Alexander for the launch of his own fashion line.

After finishing design school, McQueen was initiated as head designer for Givenchy in 1996, following John Galliano.  Many were shocked that McQueen had been chosen, and his designs seemed to be a little too rebellious and controversial for Givenchy.  His contract with the company lasted until 2001, and McQueen left to pursue his own line since he felt that Givenchy was “constraining his creativity.”  It was after he launched his own line that cemented his reputation for shocking and controversial runway shows.  He changed the way many came to view the runway by combining fashion and technology into his shows.  In 2006, for example, his show entitled “Widows of Culloden” featured a life-sized hologram of British supermodel Kate Moss draped in flowing fabric.

Alexander McQueen accomplished many honors in his time as a designer, such as being the youngest to be awarded “British Designer of the Year” four times between the years of 1996 and 2003.  The Council of Fashion Designer Awards also named him International Designer of the Year.  In late 2000, Gucci Group became partners with McQueen and aimed to open stores in the fashion capitals of the world with McQueen on board as Creative Director.  McQueen was also the first designer to team up with MAC cosmetics to launch a limited edition line of makeup with the brand.  McQueen was a favorite among many celebrities on the red carpet and at Hollywood parties, dressing everyone from Rihanna to Sarah Jessica Parker.  More recently, many younger music fans have seen more Alexander McQueen than they may be aware.  Lady Gaga has featured many of his creations in her music videos, especially in the video for “Bad Romance.”  The sometimes controversial pop star wore dresses and shoes designed by Alexander McQueen, most noticeably the armadillo heels and the dragon stilettos, pictured below.

Lady Gaga’s red lace ensemble she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards was also an older piece by Alexander McQueen, except for the red crown which the Haus of Gaga added themselves.  He also recently dressed many actresses for the 2009 Screen Actors Guild Awards and the Golden Globes.  One of the stars who wore his creations included Sandra Bullock, pictured below, as well as Drew Barrymore and Kate Bosworth.

On the day he was found dead in his home, McQueen was set to show his new line entitled McQ at New York fashion week.  The show was cancelled after the news of his death broke, and even his website is shut down for the time being.  The designer had apparently been going through a hard time as of late;  his mother just passed away a little over a week ago and McQueen had posted on his Twitter account that he was having a rough time getting through it.  He had also lost his good friend, Isabella Blow, who was mentioned earlier in this article.  In 2007, she took her own life after being called irrelevant to the design world.  We may never know what McQueen was going through in his personal life, but his death is sure to sadden many and we have truly lost one of the best designers who was just starting to become noticed in most of the world.

We have truly lost one of the great creative minds of our generation. Let us know what you think or express your condolences by commenting below…

Contribution: Joey Williams

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/02/11/alexander-mcqueen-dead-fa_n_458250.html

Are you runway ready?

Given that we are on the heels of Mercedes-Benz 2010 fashion week (pun intended), we anxiously await the unveiling of our favorite designer’s collections to see what’s in store. Oftentimes, we stare up at these human hangers as they present the most beautiful garments and think, she must be starving out to look that good. These negative thoughts probably provide some sort of comfort to think that what we’re seeing on the runway and in magazine is unattainable or unhealthy. However Jennifer Cassetty, Wilhelmina model and fitness trainer, begs to differ and asks the question…Are you runway ready?

Jennifer Cassetty is the epitome of fitness and behavioral change. With over 12 years experience in the health, fitness, and wellness arena working with celebrities, athletes, as well as other models, she has rapidly become a mentor helping model -hopefuls  and the like realize their dream without risking their health. Currently mags digitally enhance photos to add curves to give these stick figures a more healthy appearance. Cassetty affirms that the next generation of models must not only look healthy, but BE healthy and fit to be competitive and reach top model status. Jennifer offers an alternative to this unhealthy trend with her Model Fitness Regime including reverse lunges, plank alternating rows, and jackknife abs. The workout helps increase core strength and strengthens the hip and knee stability so that you can effortlessly stomp the runway in your stilettos. Looking your best under those gorgeous garments starts with an awareness of a healthy lifestyle, a balanced nutritious diet, and of course exercise. Check out this video where Cassetty discusses the dangers of the modeling world from a fitness perspective. She knows how cut throat the industry can be and how to be thin and body ready without killing yourself.

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Video caption: Jennifer Cassetty, fitness trainer and Wilhelmina fitness model, discusses the dangers of the modeling world from a health perspective and shares easy ways to keep runway ready.

Regardless of your model aspirations it is important to be positive, fit and healthy at any size. So next time you cast your gaze at the runways or flip through the glossies ask yourself…Are you runway ready? Let us know what you think by commenting below:

Source: www.jencassetty.com

Video:  Linh Tran and Kim Thai

Manx, the Spanx for Men

It is no secret that in our metro-sexual age men are becoming more body conscious. Do you avoid wearing clingy fabrics that hug your body as to not bring attention to that spare tire, love handles, or keg (sans six pack) as I like to call it? Well look no further, the Atlanta based underwear guru Sara Blakely from Spanx offers a body shaping undergarment for men. The line of cotton-compression undershirts will “comfortably firm the chest, flatten the stomach, improve posture and eliminate bulk under clothes,” the company says. The Spanx body shapers we jokingly call Manx are on the way if you have a little in the middle that you want to hide. To that end be not afraid, women have been hiding under their clothes for years.

“The men in my life (and in Hollywood) have been asking me to make Spanx for men for years, so I was inspired to create comfortable and powerful undershirts that provide instant gratification without gimmicks. It’s your favorite t-shirt without your least favorite part… love handles.” The Spanx undershirts come in three styles — tank ($55), crew-neck ($58) and V-neck ($58) in both black or white. The garments and are currently available for pre-order on Spanx.com, before launching at Neiman Marcus on Mar. 15. So if you want to conceal your moobs (man boobs) the Spanx for men might be just what you’re looking for. Check them out and let us know what you think below!

Source: http://www.spanx.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=4017325

Express Yourself with Accessories

Has anyone else started to feel or notice a slight change in our collective consciousness? With the meteoric rise and popularity of artist such as Lady Gaga, there seems to be more acceptance and praise for individuality.  Gaga appears to be more than just another artist trying to make a name for herself using the Speidi Pratt method of shock value and publicity stunts.  Gaga is provocative but definitely has a distinct point of view and it’s fascinating to try and draw the parallels to her inspiration.  The shift and increased popularity of individual creativity has caused other artist to step up their game to reach deep into their creative mind and express their personal style.  Now it’s our turn…and what better way to express ones personal style than with the perfect mix of accessories?  The right sunglasses can sometimes be enough to make the statement you are feeling at the moment and other times it takes the sunglasses, the necklace, the ring, and maybe even the motorcycle gloves to enhance your look. Whatever accessories you find appropriate are a quick and easy way to express your creative and individual points of view.  Remember the great Coco Chanel said, “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

We live in a world obsessed with celebrity culture and are looking to be noticed, and to borrow the words of the Navi people in Avatar, “I see you.” Since we all seek understanding why not show who you are in your personal style.  Peacocking is a common practice in the animal kingdom so let’s draw a cue from nature and express yourself.  Below are some accessories that you can add to your wardrobe to take your personal style to the next creative level of self expression.

Killer Eyewear

Check out the Barracuda sunglasses that resemble ones worn by Rihanna in the Run This Town video or perhaps the Sabotage eyewear donned in an Italian vogue editorial.  This killer eyewear is from the A-Morir collection by Kerin Rose. Kerin Rose’s use of rhinestones, spikes, chains, lace, studs or even pearls reflects her love of a theatrical glam look. A-Morir has been worn by many celebs including Katie Perry, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, and many more. Each item is handmade and will continue to have necks snapping as you traverse the crowd.

Anything Patricia Fields

If you want to give your personal style a harder edge, check out the Jennifer Goldmine Half Gloves made by Patricia Fields.  The decorative cone-studs and chain blings out the soft leather half-gloves giving the wearer an undeniably edgy look. Patricia Fields is most commonly known for her costume work on Sex & the City.  If a properly placed pendant is more your speed Fields also makes a  9” Flower Pin of gradating hues of silver and black that was featured in People Magazine . If you are looking for a more traditional accessories try the Union Jack Shoulder Bag. The bag is made of quilted leather and zips across the top with a chanel-style strap. A Patricia Fields accessory will help take your look to the next level.

Masculine Motifs

Women’s fashion has always been more forward than men’s outfitting; nevertheless with the shift toward creative individuality there are more options for men to express their points of view via accessory.  Hunters & Gatherers sells a unique take on classic suspenders with their Skin Graft Suspender Bag. The two small asymmetrical leather pouches hang on both sides with adjustable elastic bands at back, and elastic suspender clasps on the front. If one is looking for something less gun holster inspired maybe the Hensley Wallet or GG Striped Laces will more subtly make the right statement. Multi-purpose pieces allow you to take an accessory and wear it many different ways. Metropark’s Red & Gold Tie Me Up is a braided cotton studded cord accented with mini charms. The item can be worn as necklace, wrap bracelet, or as a head wrap. So no matter what way you choose to express your individuality in your personal style it is important to be your most authentic self.

Share you thoughts on enhancing your personal style with accessories below…

Contributor: Joey Williams

Zac Pozen: A Luxe Look for Less


When one thinks of Zac Posen, you probably imagine a fabulous Hollywood Starlet or Pop Princess dressed in jeweled panels of asymmetrical couture with glitz, glamour, and ruffles. The Zac Posen label evokes both high fashion and high costs. Needless to say, the majority of Today’s American consumers have to try and re-create that look for less. Well look no further! Because the young design prodigy has done the leg work for you. Posen has launched a brand extension, or as he puts it, a “new identity” to include a lower-priced sportswear line, “Z Spoke”, found exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. Z Spoke explores high-fashion fit in classic silhouettes with Posen-like twists of asymmetry, cut-outs, or piping details. Although the new line is ‘street inspired’ it contains the always foreboding Zac Posen standard of luxe. Many designers like Posen have to re-imagine their runway looks into ‘real way’ for real women at price points they can afford. Not only are designers making vestments at broader price points, they are also expanding their size range offerings to include plus size to target the ever expanding American waist line. Does the fashion industry’s glass stiletto continue to fit? Is the industry selling an unrealistic fantasy to women with its couture lines? Moreover, have the times made designers think more like businessmen, forcing designers to chase the consumer instead of the consumers chasing a pipe dream?

Source: wwd

Emerging Designers, NY Fashion Week 2009

 ifashion logo

From September 10-19, during the Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week, iFashion Network kicked off its week long unveiling of innovative designs, trends, and style. As part of the grand event, fifteen emerging designers from around the world showcased their high-end, cutting edge Spring 2010 collections. The iFashion show had a great turn out with a crowd that ranged from press, celebrities, to fashion icons, designers, models, with a guest list including: Matt Wayne, Khloe Kardashian, Tyra Banks, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, Teyana Taylor, Janet Jackson, Patti Labelle, Jamie Fox, Hillary Duff, Beyonce, Karina Passion, Christian Rich, Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield, Retro Kidz, Kyle Mingo, Chantelle Borgella, Caitlin McCormick, John Peace, Paris Hilton, Kate Dennings, Charlye Yi, Annie Clark (a.k.a. St. Vincent), Taylor Kitch, Jon Foster, Isabel Lucas, Jackson Rathbone, Camilla Deterre, Dee and Ricky Jackson… To name a few.


Terry Stevens

 NYE2006 071

About Terry Stevens

The Fashion designer from Chicago owns and designs two successful labels, Michael Joseph and Funkinbeautiful, which can be found in several upscale boutiques across the country. She learned her craft while working with Xuly Bet and Colette, after moving to Paris in 2000. Later she participated in the fifth season of Project Runway which launched her career as a featured personality on many TV shows. Her  Spring 2010 collection presented at New York’s Fashion week, pays a tribute to Michael Jackson. “It’s about the different styles he wore during all the decades he’s been under the spotlight, “says fashion designer Terry Stevens.



Ornella Noto

 NYE2006 086

About Ornella Noto

From an artistic upbringing, from her grand-parents, one a musician, the other a baroque furniture sculptor, a hair stylist mother, a choreographer sister, to herself a dancer, fashion designer, Ornella Noto’s passion for clothes and costumes started at a very young age, when she participated and advised her family in their professional activities. From the age of 15, despite studying economics and law, she spent her free time working at trendy boutiques on the French Riviera, hoping to pursue a carreer in fashion. Later, she will work at the renowned Façonnable’s showroom and create a luxurious sportswear collection for a new French brand.

Building upon her multiple international trips and experiences in the fashion business, she started her own collection, called Ornellanoto, and continues to do what she has always done: Shape her style with the goal to always be trendy and avant-gardist, while staying feminine and elegant. Her Spring 2010 collection is inspired by her “vision of New York with a French touch, a “Pretty Woman” style, the surprising woman, looked by everyone, elegant, fresh, happy and natural,” says fashion designer, Ornella Noto.



Hernan Lander

 NYE2006 131

 About Hernan Lander:

Hernan Lander designs womenswear, menswear and accessories, offering a full line of unique fashion creations to his clients, who appreciate the sophistication and creativity of his work. His extensive experience not only includes collaborating with the prominent designers mentioned earlier, but also working for the Donna Karan Collection until December 2008.



Kenley Collins:

NYE2006 118 

 About Kinley Collins:

 Recognized for her vintage inspired party dresses, Kenley’s creations have become must-haves for customers all over the world. Being featured in numerous magazines and newspapers, such as New York Magazine, Page Six, Elle Magazine, People, Us Weekly, Star, InTouch and The New York Post, she isn’t going anywhere. She is now expanding her collection to include separates, sportswear, gowns, accessories and menswear. Collins is set to make waves when presenting her Spring 2010 collection this fall. “I was inspired by Amelia Earthart while creating this new collection,” says fashion designer, Kenley Collins.



Source: http://events.ifashionnetwork.com/index.php#