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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

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Men’s Spring Must-Haves

Finally it seems that spring is just around the corner!  After a winter that seemed to last forever, the warm weather will definitely be welcomed and we can start to put away the winter coats and sweaters.  And as the temperatures start to rise, some of us guys probably need to find a way to update our spring wardrobes.  The trends that seem to be happening across the board are classic American styles and fabrics, with some updates in colors and accessories.  Many of the looks in magazines and on runways reminds us of going to the beach or sailing on the high seas.  The following are some of our picks for things we must have this year.

Oxford Shirts

Nothing screams “classic” like a cotton, button-down collar oxford shirt.  The one pictured above is available from American Apparel, who makes all of their clothing here in the USA.  It is made from a medium-weight cotton and perfect for spring and summer.  It is available in several colors, and looks great buttoned like in the picture or simply worn open over a tank or tee.  Available online at www.americanapparel.com for $52.

Organic Cotton T-shirts

This t-shirt, from Alternative Apparel’s Alternative Earth line, is a great lightweight shirt for warmer weather.  Alternative Apparel strives to make fashionable and comfortable clothing while also being good to the environment.  In 2007, the Alternative Earth line was launched.  The line uses organic cotton, recycled materials such as polyester, and rayon that is made from plant cellulose.  The company prides itself on the use of natural washing and finishing methods as well as the use of low impact dyes.  The manufacturing facilities strive to conserve energy in their factories and frequently test to ensure there are no toxins being released into the environment.

Plaid Shorts

Plaid shorts can add a bit of flair to a summer ensemble.  The pair above is from Tommy Hilfiger and is available at www.macys.com for only $65.  There are many brands out there this year offering a multitude of colors so it’s almost impossible to leave the mall empty-handed.  There are also brands available in all price ranges, so it’s easy to find a great pair within any budget.

Summer Tanks

Lightweight tanks are great to layer under a buttondown or wear by itself to the beach or a warm day at the park.  The tank pictured above is a cotton/polyester blend with a gingham pocket by Kazbah.  You can see some of the other colors offered at www.karmaloop.com, and all are around $32.

Plastic Aviators

Aviator sunglasses have been an American favorite ever since General Douglas MacArthur was photographed wearing them on the beaches of the Philippines during World War II.  The original design was created by Ray-Ban but the general shape has been copied by many different designers.  The pair pictured above are by Carrera, a company now out of Italy.  The style is called the Endurance and is available in several colors for around $120 at Solstice Sunglass Boutiques and online at stores like www.framesdirect.com.

Colorful Ties

Sometimes it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to shop for a great tie that looks good without spending a fortune.  That dilemma can be settled by shopping at www.thetiebar.com.  The store was started by two  attorneys who were sick of having to spend a lot of money on fashionable ties.  The tie pictured above is one example that is available on the site, and you can browse by regular width ties, skinny ties, and extra long ties.  And the best part?  All of their ties are only $15!  Try to contain yourself.

Boat Shoes

One of the oldest casual shoe styles around is the boat shoe, and they come in almost every color imaginable.  Why not buy a pair that helps out a good cause as well?  The ones shown above are by Tom’s Shoes and the company prides itself on donating a pair of Tom’s to a child in need for every pair that is purchased.  There are many different colors available and the shoes are extremely comfortable.  The pair above costs $68 at www.toms.com.

Colorful Watches

Jazz up your ensemble with a cool watch, whether it be metal(we’re all about some gold right now) or plastic like is pictured above.  This particular watch is called The Time Teller by Nixon.  At www.nixonnow.com you can browse tons of watches in many colors.  The Time Teller goes for $60.

Straw Fedoras

A good way to top off any summer wardrobe is a great straw hat.  These fedoras are a great example.  The lightweight material lets you add a debonair flair like you would with a regular wool fedora but without the thick material that’s not practical for this time of year.  The hat on the right is great for dressier events or nighttime.  It is by Penguin and goes for $48.  The hat on the left is great for the beach and any other casual spring or summer event.  This one is a steal for only $7.95 at H&M.


Ray-Ban has been making the Wayfarer style sunglasses since 1952 when Raymond Stegeman designed them for Bausch and Lomb, the parent company of Ray-Ban.  The style was popular for decades but really started to decline in popularity at the end of the 20th century.  It was in the early 2000s when celebrities were seen wearing the style again and vintage frames were selling for outlandish prices.  Ray-Ban saw the opportunity to redesign the Wayfarer to look more like the original ones.  Ray-Bans website offers many different colors, and I’m really a fan of these black ones with the blue accents.  This particular pair costs $145 and I can’t wait to get mine!  A great pair of vintage style sunglasses is a great way to finish off your warm weather ensembles.

What else are you excited about getting for the new season?  Let us know below!

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How can breakfast become clothes?


Who would think that you could turn your breakfast into clothes? Maybe you but not me. And at the end of NY fashion week with a late breakfast, these two ideas collided. To make it even better, lets throw in some sustainability. Many may think sustainability, fashion and breakfast have nothing more in common than me writing this, but those people are WRONG. There are some really smart people out there making it happen. Just a few sources for these green fabrics that will make sustainable fashion a reality are Milk, Soy, and Coffee.

Filo Di Latte (literally translated – thread of milk) is a world wide patented textile technology that is owned by Mapier. How do you turn milk into fabric, you ask? Warning – Do not attempt at home. Evidently, they have to dehydrate the milk, then place in a centrifuge, a little bioengineering tweek or two. The result is a soft and healthy fiber that has all the characteristics and amino acids of milk. This new and fabulous fabric can be used all by its self or blended with luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk. The only reason this fabric has not been adopted more quickly is that it takes 100 pounds of skim milk to make 3 pounds of Filo di latte.


I would never think that they could make anything else out of soy but someone has. That someone is Uranus Apparel, UA may have an odd name but they have a eco-friendly product, which closes the loop on soy. UA uses by-products from the soy food industry that would be considered waste to produce their line of boy-short underwear for women. The UA underwear is machine-washable, dryer safe, absorbent and breathable. This soft and comfortable soy fabric has been compared to silk, cashmere, and “being totally naked.”


No, seriously! Coffee once your sustainable source for energy on those late night projects has become a sustainable source for clothing. Jason Chen, general manager of Singtex Industries, had this brainwave while sipping coffee with his co-workers at—where else?—Starbucks, according to the Taipei Times. After years of research and development they found a process to “extract and transform waste coffee grounds into S.Cafe yarn.” They tout that this new fabric will dry quickly, protect against UV rays and control odors all while reducing the strain on landfills (which is where most of your coffee grounds go after your coffee is made… just fyi). So the next time you have a cup of coffee, think about the fact that that one cup can make two t-shirts.



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