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Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Trendtracker for the Trendsetter

Are you a trendsetter who calls the shots? If you’re a Fashionista that keeps your finger on the pulse of the industry you need to check out the new Trendstop app Trendtracker. The London forecasting firm Trendstop now offers a free mobile app that delivers high-end fashion predictions to anyone. Traditionally, expert industry forecasts have only been available to paying professionals but now it’s at the touch of your fingers tips.  Tips at your tips! Trendtracker covers the latest runway looks, fashion news, trend ideas and inspirations direct to your iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and other smart phone devices.  The app offers schedules and event guides to the latest shows around the world. Hopefully Carrie will be all over this one in the Sex & the City sequel. But who am I kidding? Carrie is more of a techno-tard this might be more Miranda’s or Samantha’s speed.

As we dive head first into this digital information and up-to-the-minute age the lines between novice and professionals become more and more blurred. Consumers today want to make their own choices as to what’s hot for fall. We don’t have to rely on the glossies to tell us what we like; we can choose for ourselves. What would really set this app off is if we could comment on the styles and trends we like and rag the trash. Ha. What would really be better is if it included a GPS tracker for the Fashion House Sample Sales! But seriously, this app is like none other. You get beautiful photos of your favorite designer’s collections form the end of the runway, and it’s all nicely categorized. Loves it! Check out the Trendtracker from Trendstop and let us know what you think….



Are you runway ready?

Given that we are on the heels of Mercedes-Benz 2010 fashion week (pun intended), we anxiously await the unveiling of our favorite designer’s collections to see what’s in store. Oftentimes, we stare up at these human hangers as they present the most beautiful garments and think, she must be starving out to look that good. These negative thoughts probably provide some sort of comfort to think that what we’re seeing on the runway and in magazine is unattainable or unhealthy. However Jennifer Cassetty, Wilhelmina model and fitness trainer, begs to differ and asks the question…Are you runway ready?

Jennifer Cassetty is the epitome of fitness and behavioral change. With over 12 years experience in the health, fitness, and wellness arena working with celebrities, athletes, as well as other models, she has rapidly become a mentor helping model -hopefuls  and the like realize their dream without risking their health. Currently mags digitally enhance photos to add curves to give these stick figures a more healthy appearance. Cassetty affirms that the next generation of models must not only look healthy, but BE healthy and fit to be competitive and reach top model status. Jennifer offers an alternative to this unhealthy trend with her Model Fitness Regime including reverse lunges, plank alternating rows, and jackknife abs. The workout helps increase core strength and strengthens the hip and knee stability so that you can effortlessly stomp the runway in your stilettos. Looking your best under those gorgeous garments starts with an awareness of a healthy lifestyle, a balanced nutritious diet, and of course exercise. Check out this video where Cassetty discusses the dangers of the modeling world from a fitness perspective. She knows how cut throat the industry can be and how to be thin and body ready without killing yourself.

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Video caption: Jennifer Cassetty, fitness trainer and Wilhelmina fitness model, discusses the dangers of the modeling world from a health perspective and shares easy ways to keep runway ready.

Regardless of your model aspirations it is important to be positive, fit and healthy at any size. So next time you cast your gaze at the runways or flip through the glossies ask yourself…Are you runway ready? Let us know what you think by commenting below:

Source: www.jencassetty.com

Video:  Linh Tran and Kim Thai