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Designer Tip – Google Voice — Life of A Designer

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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Designer Tip – Google Voice


For all of you designers out there, this is a tip to keep you connected and maintain your boundaries with clients and friends. OK before I start, you should have a GMail account. Moving on… Google Voice is a service provided by Google and it is FREE! Who doesn’t love something free. Anyways, the basic run down. You will get a new phone number for any area code you want. When someone calls this new number, wait for the magic, Google can send that call to your cell, work phone, and/or home phone. What this means for you, is that if you change jobs, cell provider you still have the same number. You can even set your phone to forward missed calls to Google Voicemail to be transcribe and emailed or texted to you.

Additional features such as;

  • Custom greetings for callers – Different greetings for friends, clients, family and unknown callers
  • Get SMS messages in your email – Free texting but you have to be online
  • Transcribed voicemail online – So you can read it instead of listening to it
  • Low cost international calls
  • Block unwanted callers
  • Schedule when and who can call you – Stop mom from calling you while you are at work or clients calling after 6
  • And More…

So you are now wondering how do you get such a service. Well, it is pretty easy here are the steps

  1. Go to Google Voice Website
  2. Request an Invite – GV has not gone out for mass use yet. So, you have to get an invitation. Usually take about a month to get, sometimes less.
  3. Get Invitation and Setup

It is that simple. I also recommend going ahead and getting this service now because Google just acquired Gizmo5. Gizmo5 was a voice over internet company that allows you to make calls from your computer completely cutting out the need for a landline and who knows how that may enhance Google Voice.

Here is a video about Google Voice.

UPDATE: About a month ago I told you about the wonders of Google Voice well some new and helpful information has come out it is below.

1. On Wired.com they have just rencently posted an How-To-Wiki that has helpful information on how to “Get the Most Out of Google Voice

2. The is a desktop application for Google Voice that uses Adobe Air for the people like me closing and opening browser windows all the time. Check it out. Here

Let me know what you think about Google Voice and leave a comment below.

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