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The Ironic Happiness of Unemployment: Inspiration in Scarcity — Life of A Designer

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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The Ironic Happiness of Unemployment: Inspiration in Scarcity

Joseph L. Echols, 30
Biloxi, MS
“If you are in a setting that doesn’t fit who you are or who you want to become, listen to what your heart is telling you. Seek the necessary counsel, and take the path that’s meant for you.”

Former Occupation: Architectural Project Manager/Intern
New Career: Entrepreneur
Joseph L. Echols specializes in real estate developing and investing, as well as custom residential design. However, Mr. Echols is also a jewelry designer, brand identity designer, and sub-contract architectural work.

How long have you been unemployed in the traditional market?
I really never considered myself to be unemployed. Honesty, I really do not like the word. From the moment I was freed of my duties within the traditional setting two months ago, I became who I am today, a business owner and entrepreneur.

Why did you choose your current career path to explore?
I have always known that I would pursue being an entrepreneur as my life’s career and I discussed it frequently with friends, family, and future business partners. For many years now, they have all provided me the support necessary to walk this path. I just had to be patient and wait for the right time and opportunity. It is interesting the word “explore”, because that is what is necessary on a daily basis, and I absolutely enjoy it!

What’s been the most challenging factor thus far?
The most challenging aspects so far for me have been the personal transformation from employee to business owner, creating opportunities by first creating value, and allowing time to unfold the opportunities. The mindset of an entrepreneur is simple yet complicated and very unique. However, if passion is pursued with tenacity, everything falls into place. Regarding creating value, it comes from within. With the status quo of the market, you have to really dig deep for new ideas and ways to market them. Lastly, developing the patience is hard, because like most, I’ve got bills to pay.

Future goals/aspirations:
My future goals and aspirations are simple, and that is to continue to grow, explore, and provide value to those that connect with my passions in life. I envision passing on to others not only skills but also the mindset and the possibilities of selecting entrepreneurial ventures as a viable career, nationally and abroad.

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  1. James says:

    Excellent Article!! This is great posititve and uplifting news! GO MISSISSIPPI!!! And the south…and Serbia :) Keep it up guys and best of luck for the future!


  2. Phillip Rogers says:

    I enjoyed reading this article. It opens my eyes to fact that people majoring in engineering used to have a guaranteed job after graduation, but because of the economy nothing is guaranteed anymore.

  3. Stacy says:

    great article. it’s always uplifting to hear how people make the most of what could be a negative situation. gotta stay positive! good luck and great site!

  4. Ms T says:

    great article about a great friend of mine who has taken what could have been a potentially devastating situation, and turned it into an opportunity to follow a life long dream! Just goes to show that losing your job is not always a bad thing…especially when you have the foresight, determination, and guts required to start your own business…in this economy, it is really the only way to know that you will have some type of job security…you are never safe these days in the workforce. I am very proud of Joseph and anyone else who takes the bulls by the horns, and does not let the state of the economy determine their future…kudos Jo, and I KNOW that you will be a success, and I wish the best of luck to others in the same situation.

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