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What If Your Roof Could Change Colors? — Orthogonal Paradigm

Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

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What If Your Roof Could Change Colors?

roofWhat if your roof could change colors? Was the question that a team of engineers at MIT asked themselves and created Thermeleon. The idea behind this product is that most homes have black shingle roofs and in the summer it is absorbing heat and increasing your cooling bill but that is slightly offset in the winter where that same roof  lowers your heating bill. So, this team set forth to answer this question. They started off with an obvious solution of paint the roof white, but then that just reverses the cooling and heating problem. After more time and thought they came up with the idea of “What if you could do both – reflect the sun’s energy in the summer and absorb it in the winter?” Well needless to say you can do both.  With their patent pending, phase changing polymer gel, these engineers have have created a product that will on hot days become white and reflect all wavelengths of light and on cold days become black and absorb heat and radiate it into the house. As of today their are no updates on investors or if any of the major roofing companies are planning on licensing this technology. Hopefully we will see this on the market soon and soon after see our heating and cooling bills drop too.

Source: Thermeleon and Fast Company

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  1. John says:

    I think they should go on that TV ” The Shark Tank”

  2. Scott says:

    What might be the difference in efficiency of this lowering your heating cooling utility bill versus converting solar energy into electricity with solar cell shingles?
    Does it require an electrical input to convert colors?

  3. Shomari says:

    Scott it does not require any electricity to change the colors and the possible savings is a 20% reduction in cost. A comparison with solar cell shingles I do not believe have been done, but the current solar cells on the market I believe in a cost to benefit ratio do not pan out depending on the region that you live in.

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