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Transportation For America — Orthogonal Paradigm

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Transportation For America


Some of you may not know about this organization, Transportation For America, or that the US Senate has decided to cut more than half the budget requested by the House from $4 billion dollars to $1.2 billion. This is crazy and ridiculous, especially once you start looking at the facts, “national transportation program is essentially unchanged from the 1950s when gas was just twenty cents a gallon.” So many of us know the pain of being stuck in rush hour traffic which will only get worse. And yes many city across the nation may be widening the interstates in the cities but that doesn’t help congestion. Think about it this way. If you have two 8oz glasses one is tall and thin and the other short and wide, you are holding the same amount of fluid. And in the case of the city, you have just moved all the congestion into one area. And to make it worse, if you are in the wrong lane, you have to fight to cross six lanes to get off the interstate. Oh Joy! The only way to fix the whole congestion issue is to focus on the future and invest in it. That means, high speed rail, mass transit, less urban sprawl, and a shift in attitudes. In the South, their is stigma that is slowly going away that if you walking, riding buses and trains that you are poor, uneducated and on welfare. The new view is becoming and should be that riders of mass transit, walkers and bike riders are financially prudent, eco-conscience, and informed citizens. When more people start to make this transition, we will have better cities and more connected communities.

For designers the passing of the full budget will help our decimated field. Urban planners and architects will benefit from the need for transit stations and development of centers around those stations. Interior designers will be needed for the interiors of the stations, trains, any facilities built as a result of the new construction or renovations. Graphic designers working on signage, marketing and branding of the new transit lines. Fashion designer will have new venues for runway shows, or shows for publicity at the opening of stations, or at least provide you with an inexpensive trip to the various fashion weeks.

If any of this has touched a nerve or got you motivated then take action by following this link for a message to be sent to your representatives in Congress.

Source: http://t4america.org/
Image: http://t4america.org/blueprint/

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