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National Gypsum — Orthogonal Paradigm

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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The Future of Drywall!

What if the drywall you put in your spaces was more than just a smooth surface to be painted or hang a picture on? Imagine if the walls served another purpose of regulating the buildings temperature. Well the future is almost here. ThermalCORE! Thermal Core is a National Gypsum product using BASF phase change technology.

How it works! This is my simplified understanding of how it works. So, BASF created a phase change technology that uses these little acrylic bubbles filled with paraffin wax. The wax when it warms up becomes a liquid and absorbs heat and when it cools down it solidifies and releases heat. Well, National Gypsum is taking this tech and putting it into drywall. By doing so, they add insulating properties to the drywall.

Some reports say that this product can reduce heating and cooling cost by 20%. They are still in the process of testing it and bringing it to the States. I am sure with all the Green Initiatives and growing knowledge about how much energy buildings are eating up that this product will be out sooner than later. If I could I would renovate my whole house in it.

Concerns? Since they have added acrylic and wax to the wall. How does that effect the fire rating? How sustainable is the product with those additional ingredients?

What do you think about this new drywall? Do you have any concerns or praise about the idea?

Source: ThermalCORE via Tech Review