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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

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Freedom By Design


Freedom by Design is a advocacy and service program created by the American Institute of Architecture Students. This program was set up to help inviduals that feel confined to their homes. “They are unable to get into their showers, ascend steps, open doors or pass through doorways. More importantly, many are unable to flee their homes in an emergency without assistance because their residences are not properly designed for their specific needs.”

FBD, uses the skills and talents of architecture students to help the “low-income elderly and disabled individuals”. This assistance greatly improves the standard of living of its reciepents, by providing “vital modifications” that enhances their homes. These modifications help people to overcome the struggles of “everyday tasks such as bathing, ascending stairs and opening doors” while teaching students real world application of code and design.

This program allows students to work with clients, architects and contractors throughout the whole process of design. It allows them to to see the permitting, design, construction and finishing of a project. The program is looking for mentors and supporters and is a great opportunity to give back. This is a link to the Freedom by Design Website .

Source: AIAS