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Karim Rashid — Quarter Inch Quirk

Friday, January 19th, 2018

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The Sphere Bed

spherebedThe name may be a bit misleading but it speaks more to the experience on being in the bed. The designer Karim Rashid teams with Hollandia International to create the Sphere. Hollandia’s philosophy of  ”let’s stay in bed” guides all designs that they create. The Sphere utilizes an adjustable sleep system, which studies have shown are much better for people. I am sure that many people are thinking aren’t those kinds of bed only for elderly people. The short answer is NO. These kinds of beds reduce strain on your back and improve circulation. Anyways back to the design. The innovative design by Rashid is bound to attract attention and cause some double takes but that is what he is know for. The Sphere creates an unique environment in not only for you sleep but also evolves your your bedroom into a space of unknown wonders. Some features in the sphere are…  How do you say it? They are interesting. The champagne holder?!?! Well, for the bachelor pads and honeymoon suites, I can understand. But for ordinary clients, a more practical use for that space would be for books, remotes, or the occasional beer. Overall, the design is way cool. So whether you are looking to bring some whimzy into your bedroom or a clients, the Sphere bed by Hollandia is the bed for you.



  • 32″ Colored Television (Theater System is optional)
  • Covered LED Florescent canopy-top lights
  • Outside back vanity mirror
  • Champagne holder
  • Color and fabric of choice

On a side note it would look way cool if it was made from wood or acrylic.

Source: http://www.hollandiainternational.com/designs-by-karim-rashid.asp