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Opus Incertum — Quarter Inch Quirk

Friday, January 19th, 2018

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Indoor Outdoor Shelving With Style

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bookIf you are looking for a new and interesting bookcase or shelving for your rooms or patio, OPUS INCERTUM may be the answer. This all weather, durable and stylish shelving unit brings a fresh look to any patio, where most usual shelving is quite boring and industrial. With the four colors that the units come in, they can accent or upgrade any area they are in. Sean Yoo, pictured below, is the designer of the Opus Incertum shelving units and before he was an industrial designer he was a city planner. His background in urban planning probably assited in the design of this piece, since it is inspired by the pavement discovered at Pompeii.

Bookshelf and display case


Material: Expanded polypropylene. 100% recyclable.
Size: W 100 cm D 35 cm H 100 cm
Color: black, grey, orange, white
Applications: Indoor/ Outdoor, stackable
Awards: Design Distinction in the I.D. magazine Annual Design Review 2006


Designer: Sean Yoo

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Source and Images from: http://www.casamania.it/engl/