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19th Century — This Day In Design

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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The Father of Haute Couture

On this day in design we would like to salute Charles Frederick Worth. Couture is defined as  exclusive, custom made high end clothing.  Many think of couture coming from today’s high end designers such as Dior, Marchesa, and Jean Paul Gaultier but where did this iconic fashion start?

The man behind this fashion statement is Charles Frederick Worth.  He is considered the father of Haute Couture.  Worth was born in England in 1825 and started his career in drapery shops.  He eventually moved to Paris in 1846 where he and a Swedish partner Bobergh created a dress making company. Worth and his dress making company soon became quite notable with patrons like the French Empress Eugenie.

Worth eventually became a one man show with the House of Worth.  He is credited for redefining the female fashion shape.  He did this by removing the “ruffles and frills” and used rich fabrics and pleasing shapes.  This allowed him to create luxurious items with amazing fit.  One practice that he started and was credited for as well was creating what he wanted and envisioned rather than being dictated by the consumer.  He would create a design and have it modeled for his patrons where they would then chose their favorite look and have it tailored to them.

Worth died in March of 1895 and was surpassed by his two sons who continued the House of Worth well after. So we tip our hats to Charles Fedreck Worth as the Father of Haute Couture and for transforming dress makers into designers with vision and point of view. Let us konw what you think about Worth’s designs and how they hold up to todays couture creations by commenting below…

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