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Bring Art To The Streets! — Visual Stimuli

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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Bring Art To The Streets!

ADSARTIn many cities across the nation, illegal advertisements are becoming the new graffiti. This past weekend in New York City an organization called the Public Ad Campaign had the ‘New York Street Advertising Take Over’ (NYSAT2) event. A group of artists went out white-washing and creating art over more than 100 of the illegal billboards in the city. The billboards were soon taken back with ads and continued into a ““a bizarre cat-and-mouse game,” which eventually led to five arrests, says the New York Times. The company that posted the ads originally and later again is NPA Wildpostings, which is located in over 25 major cities, including Atlanta. The idea of painting over ads with art is a great idea that can foster the development of art programs and expose city residents to new artists.  Perhaps with some time and organization a similar program could once or a couple times a year take back the streetscape and show great art in cities across the nation.

Gaia10 Gaia14 Gaia15

Source: idsgn
Photos: gaia.streetart and Rudolfo Diaz

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