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PSD to XHTML And CSS — Visual Stimuli

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

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Are you new to web design? Do you know how to turn a photoshop file into a working webpage? Well, like many people I know, I have basic photoshop and dreamweaver skills. So, when I head that you could turn a PSD into XHMTL and create a CSS file. I was all about it. I would rather find out how to take an Illustrator file and turn it into a website, but when I find that out, I will pass it along to you guys. Anyways, while strolling through the internet, I came across these two tutorials. The tutorials are on Six Revisions which is an awesome site and resource for web designers and developers; and were written by Richard Carpenter, who is a blogger, tutorial writer and owner of HV-Designs.

Tutorial One – Design a Minimal and Modern Portfolio Layout in Photoshop
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a portfolio layout in photoshop

Tutorial Two – Minimal and Modern Layout: PSD to XHTML/CSS Conversion
In this tutorial, you will take the photoshop file that you made in the tutorial above and turn it into a working webpage. You will also learn some of the basics of creating a CSS file.

Between these two tutorials, you will be able to develop and implement your website ideas quickly. Let me know what you think about these tutorials?

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  1. Mao says:

    hugh! this is awesome!

  2. Shomari says:

    Thanks Mao, when I found them I knew I had to pass them along.

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