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The Art House Co-op! — Visual Stimuli

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

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The Art House Co-op!


The  Art House Co-op is a one of a kind web experience that offers a place for artist of all kinds to come together. AHC was started up back in the Spring of 2006 by Shane and Steven while attending the Atlanta College of Art. They  started off being the organizers of events and then were inspired to open their own space to display art in Atlanta. From there they branched out to have having mini-projects. These mini-projects and events are how they grabbed my attention. So, of course I had to share that with you. This week’s project is to take a picture out of your favorite window. Their new and inventive competitions and projects help to keep the creative juices flowing.

Shane Zucker (left) and Steven Peterman (right) of Art House Co-op.

Shane Zucker (left) and Steven Peterman (right) of Art House Co-op.

If just getting your creative mind going isn’t enough for you, there are the projects.  The projects are “a collective of artists participating towards a unified outcome that ultimately turns into an exhibition.” The competitions can have a pretty good pay out, be taken on national tour or be seen internationally on ACH’s website and Flickr. For example, the “Starving Artist Project” has a pay out of $2,000, which is pretty nice for any designer or artist in this economy. Their weekly projects can even get an artist some international recognition, seeing as tho ACH’s website says that they have “interacted with over 5,000 artist around the world.” So even if you do not get the big pay out, you can get your work seen by other artists and art lovers.

Regardless, I would check out the website and sign up for the newsletter. So you can get the notices for the shows and projects. Art House will be relocating from Atlanta at the end of January 2010 to Red Hook in Brooklyn to open the Brooklyn Art Library. The BAL will “be the home to thousands of sketchbooks and a revolving collection of all of your artwork.” Let us know what you think about the Art House Co-op and leave a comment below.

Image: http://www.arthousecoop.com/about

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