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Friday, January 19th, 2018

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3rd Annual MINT Benefit at WonderRoot

WonderRoot a non-profit will be holding a benifit for the Mint Gallery at the WonderRoot Community Arts Center. The people at WonderRoot are awesome and doing amazing things for the city.  One of those things is hosting a benefit for Mint on July 24th, 2010.  The event will feature:
Music from  The Back Pockets, Roman Photos, Social Studies, Buffalo Bangers, and Muleskinner McQueen
Vintage clothing from PonyUp!
A Magical Merlin Polaroid Photobooth
and of course, artwork from Sam Parker, Jason Travis, Harold McNaron, Nikita Gale and more!  Art will be sold via silent auction throughout the month of July and the winners can take home their pieces during the closing party on the 24th.
Help MINT keep doin’ it’s thang for the rest of 2010.

When: July 24, 2010
7pm to 12am
Where: WonderRoot Community Arts Center

Mint Presents America

Where: MINT – 684 John Wesley Dobbs Ave. Unit B Atlanta, GA 30312

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When: Saturday, July 3, 2010 from 7pm-11pm

How Much: FREE!

More Info:
MINT gallery is proud to host an amazing group exhibit featuring art inspired by our beloved country. Come out and salute the flag, have a PBR, and be proud to be an American. Each artist created a piece about their feelings and views on our great democratic republic. Come to the show! It’s fun, it’s free and It’s your civic duty. Support the arts.

Featuring work created by some of America’s finest citizens: Tindel and Michi, Sam Parker, Stephanie Dowda and John Paul Floyd, Brandon Crawford, Bethany Collins, Teresa Bramlette Reeves, Ashley Anderson, Jessica Scott Felder, Mike Germon,Brandi Supra, Erin Bassett, Jim O’Donnell, Chris Walter, Katy Malone, Andrew Cho, InKyong Chun, Katie Coleman, James McConnell, Paul Rodecker, Claire Paul, Bean Summer, Baxter Crane, Preston Snyder, Jessica Orlowski, Don Robson, Travis Smith, Andrea Sanders, Jimmy Alvarez, Marcy Starz, Kelly O’Brien, Beau Torres, Edward Smucgyz, Edie Gonzales, Nikki Grote, Jessica Miller, Mike Devine, Egg Tooth, Ben Goldman and many many more.

Objects of Desire Exhibit

When: Opening Event – Friday – Feb. 26th from 6:30 pm until 9:00 pm
Exhibit on display February 12th to March 13th
Where: Museum of Design Atlanta (MODA)
285 Peachtree Center Ave Marquis Two Tower
How Much: Free but a requested donation of $10
The event on Feb 26th will have snacks and drinks

About the exhibit:

Our mind creates wonders we can only imagine, technology allows for explorations beyond our imagination. This exhibition explores the process of creation through computer-adapted design and technologically aided process of making. Objects convinced in the mind were explored virtually and then brought to life through fabrication using computer-aided technology.

Objects of Desire seeks to display a collection of work by various individuals that used the computer as a way to conceive beyond the world of representation. Technology allows for the process of digital fabrication, methods enabling the production of physical objects directly from digital models, allowing for new forms and aesthetics previously unconceivable.

Works exhibited were part of architectural experimentation in spatial interaction originally developed at GaTech – College of Architecture. Participants were asked to evoke a parallelism between the perception of the individual and the perceived object. Within each piece presented issues of topology, structure, pattern, fabrication, detailing, and many others are essential considerations that evoked the design. Many other new works will be displayed as well.

Cassi Niemann, Karen MacKay, Gabe Landes, Lindsay Miller, Ritesh Rathi, Virginia Byers, Sal Lalani, Senya Zaitsev + Others

Make Money Making Money!


Make Money Making Money?!?!?!?! Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Well it is true. The United States Mint has a program called the Artistic Infusion Program. This program is set up to find designers and artist that create inspiring and sometimes patriotic designs for coins. Yes, I said coins. You may think that is just silly and not worth your time but this is big business for the Treasury,there is a $38 3″ coin of G.W. Bush. Seriously, if you are selected you get paid $2000 per assignment and $5000 if your design is selected. 5000 dollars is nothing to dismiss so easily. Of course, they have some application requirements to be met first:

  • U.S. citizenship
  • Have specialized training in his or her art form
  • Have derived a portion of his or her individual income from his or her art for a minimum of 5 years by the time of application
  • Have a history of public presentation of his or her art in a professional context, such as a gallery show, or work that has appeared as part of a curated exhibit, permanent collection of a museum, or in a professional journal.
  • Be able to submit 5 to 10 sample pieces
  • Design 2 coins based on topics in application

Some of the above requirements are harsh but the money is pretty darn good and if you meet the requirements they are are looking for 6 designers. The application page is here. The upcoming deadlines for applications are March 8, 2010 and July 8, 2010. Good luck to those of you who decided to apply.

Source: The US Mint

Win A 13″ Macbook!


This is amazing, the people over at TatSkinz are giving you a chance to design a cover for an iPod. The contest is open till November 30th. You could win a Macbook 13″ or $1000 University Scholarship. So, while you are home on a break and eating some turkey take some time and make a kick #@$ design. Each person that enters can make up to 10 entries. Some of the rules are:

  • Original Artwork Only (Of Course!)
  • File size no bigger than 10MB
  • Submitted in CMYK
  • Adobe Illustrator (.ai) or a Photoshop (.psd)

For the rest of the rules and regulations go to TatSkinz. Leave a comment below about what you think about the contest below.

Source: TatSkinz

An Event Apart Chicago

An Event Apart Chicago begins today! It will be two day, 12 speakers, to discuss design, code and content. The Speakers are Jeffrey Zeldman, Jason Santa Maria, Kristina Halvorson, Dan Brown, Whitney Hess, Andy Clarke, Eric Meyer, Aaron Gustafson, Simon Willison, Luke Wroblewski, Dan Rubin, and Dan Cederholm. All of the speakers have technical and practical experience and many of them have written books on the subjects of creating better websites that not only work better but provide better experience for the end user. This event will be sure to give provide plenty of invaluable information and networking opportunities.

To know know more about this event go to http://www.aneventapart.com/2009/chicago/